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About Us


Mike Cyrus


Mike is a professional photographer who is passionate about creating unique and memorable images. He strives to go beyond the predictable and boring, aiming to capture photos that are worthy of being displayed in a museum or cherished in a wedding photo album. Mike emphasizes the importance of each new shoot surpassing the previous one, continually pushing himself to create better and more captivating images.

His journey as a photographer began in 1996, where he gained experience by working on model portfolios and spent two inspiring years at Vogue of Lexington. He then transitioned to working as a photographer for a successful record label for 12 years. During this time, he had the opportunity to collaborate with top artists in the industry, learning and growing from their expertise.

Now, armed with the knowledge and skills acquired throughout his career, Mike is dedicated to producing the best possible images that he can be proud of and that his clients will treasure for years to come. His focus lies in crafting timeless photos that not only stand out from the rest but also convey a compelling story within a single frame.

Chris Marshall

Owner/Photographer/Video Production

Chris is a talented individual who excels in multiple creative fields. His journey in photography and video production began at a young age, when he started creating his own short films at the age of 12. This early passion laid the foundation for his future career.

In the early 2000s, Chris's dream turned into a reality when he started working for production companies in Los Angeles. During this time, he had the opportunity to work on notable productions such as "That 70s Show," "The Bill Engvall Show," and "National Banana," among others. This experience provided him with valuable insights and honed his skills in the industry.

Alongside his work in production companies, Chris also spent seven years working in set construction. He contributed to the building and design of sets for theater, film, and television projects. This hands-on experience allowed him to understand the intricacies of set design and construction, further enhancing his expertise in the field.

After his time in Los Angeles, Chris returned to his hometown of Lexington, where he founded Christopher Michael Images. At his company, he combines his diverse experiences and artistic eye to provide customers with an exceptional experience. Christopher Michael Images offers a range of services, including photography, video production, and the assembly of video footage, photographs, and graphics for various productions.

With his years of expertise in photography and video production, Chris is able to deliver high-quality work and create captivating visual content. Whether it's capturing beautiful photographs or producing compelling videos, Chris aims to provide his customers with an unforgettable experience through Christopher Michael Images.

Meg Croney-Clark

Video Production

Meg was born and raised in Lexington.  She earned a bachelor's degree from Florida State University in writing, editing, and media,  During her time she was able to work with FSU's live sports production team- Seminole Productions- in the control room  and behind the camera covering a range of high level D-1 varsity sports.  These powerful experiences sparked her love for videography, and after graduation, she came home to begin he own business, MCC Media.   Meg has attracted clients across all business sectors including fashion, sports, art, training videos, and event videography.  She joined Christopher Michael Images and brings her expertise in Video Production and Social Media management.  She is thrilled to continue her journey with Christopher Michael Images.

Libby Zaheri


I started with CMI as a second shooter and I was honored when they asked me to join the team with them.  I have now been apart of this company for over 5 years now.  I have been a photographer enthusiast ever since I was a kid, taking random photos with my parent's Pentax K1000 and their Polaroid.  My daughters have embraced my love for polaroids as well and if they haven't used all the film I bring my polaroid with me on wedding days.  My photography started with shelter pets for local rescues across Ky, while I was a Veterinary Tech.   I have since discovered a passion for people and capturing the moments that are special to them.  To me capturing those moments to make them timeless is what I live for as a photographer.  Just like Chris and Mike I strive to capture my clients personalities in every photo.  

Our Clients

We love the opportunities we have had with several publications and companies in Lexington we strive to give our clients more than they could ever ask for.  We look forward to working with your company next! 

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